Tor Relays
What is Tor? Tor (short for The Onion Router) is a free and open-source anonymity network. Traffic is routed through multiple proxy servers operated by volunteers worldwide. This allows people around the world to protect against censorship and surveillance. We are running multiple of these servers too.
Traffic 62.9 TB/month estimated using current bandwidth
Bandwidth 191 Mbit/s measured in octets: 22.8 MiB/s
Relay Status published 1h ago
xrl0tjdevde 2.85 MiB/s 52d 5h
yrl0tjdevde 2.84 MiB/s 98d 21h
xrl1tjdevde 2.83 MiB/s 95d 6h
yrl1tjdevde 2.83 MiB/s 98d 21h
xrl4tjdevde 5.72 MiB/s 24d 14h
yrl4tjdevde 5.72 MiB/s 24d 14h